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Youth Protection Law in Québec

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By its didactic approach, this handbook expounds youth protection law in Québec. It is intended for beginners as well as experienced persons who wish to deepen their knowledge of the legal aspects associated with this field.

Following major changes in 2017, this work incorporates the findings of both the Viens and Laurent Commissions, notably on Indigenous children. Furthermore, it underscores the important modifications brought by Bill 15, in 2022. The preamble and the guiding principles of the Y.P.A. are thus examined, as well as the rules governing confidentiality and the parameters of an intervention.

The evolutionary process underlying the social and judicial approach of the Québec model is described. The text also deals with consequences associated with the infringement of a child’s rights, as well as his testimony, professional secrecy and other related topics.

This book demystifies the practice of child welfare by relying on abundant case law which illustrates the application of the numerous principles involved. It also contains the legal statutes and regulations presently in effect. Great care was afforded to guide and equip the reader through the different stages of an intervention respecting vulnerable youths.


After completing his bachelor’s in law at the University of Sherbrooke (1979), where he worked as a research assistant for professor Claude Boisclair, Mario Provost was admitted to the Barreau du Québec in 1980. His master’s thesis, supervised by professors Éthel Groffier and Édith Deleury (McGill University) deals with youth protection. Having worked as a member of the research team of the Dictionnaire de droit privé (2nd edition) at the Québec Research Centre of Private and Comparative Law, the author also collaborated with Professor Renée Joyal on the Précis de droit des jeunes (1999). Having specialized himself in family law, civil liability and child welfare legislation, he taught these subjects over three decades at the University of Montreal and the Université du Québec à Montréal. He has published many articles over the years and, since 1997, is known for the numerous chapters he authored in the collective work Droit de la famille québécois.

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