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Youth and the Law, 4th Edition

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Youth and the Law, 4th Edition is a comprehensive overview of the ways in which youth interact with criminal law and the criminal justice system in Canada. Various social science theories and models are applied to doctrinal law in order to situate the law in its social context and provide readers with a thorough understanding of youth justice.

This edition not only features a new chapter on youth corrections, but also includes new discussions surrounding common offences, risk factors, and societal responses to youth in conflict with the law. Additionally, this text examines issues such as adult sentencing, the Ashley Smith case, honour killings, and the over-representation of marginalized groups in the youth system.

With this complete coverage, readers will have a wide range of perspectives on each part of the process, from police procedures to trials and sentencing to rehabilitation.


  • Insights from expert contributors: Wendy Blank, Kelly Bramwell, and Yvon Dandurand
  • New chapter on youth corrections
  • New section on school resource officer programs
  • Updated section on street checks (carding)
  • Case studies
  • Review questions
  • Helpful legislation in the appendix


Part 1: The Context of Youth Justice in Canada
Chapter 1: Youth Crime: Perceptions and Realities
Chapter 2: Youth Crime: Offences, Risk Factors, Theories, and Models of Youth Criminal Justice Procedure 

Part 2: The Legislative Framework
Chapter 3: Criminal Offences
Chapter 4: Other Offences and Child Protection Matters

Part 3: Policing and Criminal Procedure
Chapter 5: Police Interactions with Youth
Chapter 6: The Pre-Trial Period
Chapter 7: The Trial of a Young Accused

Part 4: Meaningful Consequences and Rehabilitation
Chapter 8: Sentencing
Chapter 9: Youth Corrections
Chapter 10: Prevention and Rehabilitation: What Works?

Part 5: Ongoing and Emerging Social Issues
Chapter 11: Social Issues and Youth Crime: Continuities and Change

Appendix A: Youth Criminal Justice Act
Appendix B: Convention on the Rights of the Child


Également d’intérêt en droit de la Famille/Mariage/Divorce

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