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Wealth Planning Strategies for Canadians 2024

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Wealth Planning Strategies for Canadians is a unique publication, offering:

  • Coverage of the relevant laws in every Canadian jurisdiction;
  • Comprehensive consideration of the financial planning, tax planning, disability planning, estate planning, insurance planning and family law issues relevant to various situations;
  • Discussion of not just the tax aspects, but also the legal implications of properly and improperly executed wealth plans;
  • Comprehensive case studies to show how the various rules work (or do not work) together in particular situations; and especially…..
  • An approach that takes as its starting point the life scenario of you or your client.

This is the only book that starts where you do – with a specific life scenario – rather than starting with legal or financial concepts, making you work backwards to fit the concepts to your situation.

The 2024 edition has been thoroughly updated to include the latest federal income tax changes as well as a number of changes in provincial statutes. This edition also includes more detail on a number of strategies and the pitfalls of certain approaches. As with previous editions, this is a resource you can trust to alert you, step by step, to the myriad of considerations, which may apply, no matter what your or your client’s life situation may be.


Christine Van Cauwenberghe, B.Comm. (Hons), LL.B., CFP, TEP, is a tax and estate lawyer with over twenty years’ experience in the tax and estate planning area. She is a Certified Financial Planner and a Trust & Estate Practitioner (as certified by the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners). She is also a member of the Canadian Tax Foundation, currently the Vice-President of Tax & Estate Planning for one of the largest financial planning companies in Canada, and previously practised tax law with a large law firm. She regularly travels across Canada to meet with financial planners, their clients and external advisors (including other lawyers and accountants), and is a frequent media consultant.


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