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DateMars 2024
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Understanding Crime in Canada : An Introduction to Criminology, 3rd Edition

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Understanding Crime in Canada: An Introduction to Criminology, 3rd Edition provides a thorough overview of the foundations of criminology, ideal for those seeking a detailed introduction to the subject. It features a wide range of perspectives from numerous experts in the field and covers the methods, subjects, and theoretical approaches that will enrich readers’ understanding of crime in Canada.

This edition has been updated with new case studies throughout, and new coverage of racialization and crime, cybercrime and terrorism, social trends, and criminal justice policy. In addition to this updated content, the text explores other important aspects of criminology including various theoretical approaches, the role of the media, key points of criminal law, and the ways in which crime is measured.

By looking at the theories and concepts surrounding crime in a real-world context, this resource offers a truly comprehensive review of crime and its effects on Canadian society.


Neil Boyd is professor emeritus in the School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University, where for many years he taught courses related to law, crime, and criminal justice policy. He is a frequent media commentator on crime-related subjects, and is the author of seven books, along with numerous government reports and academic articles. He is the recipient of several awards, including Honorary Director of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association and the President’s Award for Contributions to the Media and Public Relations from Simon Fraser University.


  • New case study videos examining key areas of criminological theory.
  • New chapter focusing on race and criminalization relating to Black and Indigenous communities.
  • Insights from expert contributors across Canada: Valerie Steeves, Trevor Scott Milford, Colton Fehr, Ted Palys, Michaela McGuire, Hannah Scott, Kanika Samuels-Wortley, Barry Cartwright, Jonathan Heidt, Gail S. Anderson, Karmvir Padda, Fiona M. Kay, Graham Farrell, Tarah Hodgkinson, Sara Thompson, Lisa Murphy, William O’Grady, and Ryan Lafleur.
  • Detailed real-life case studies preceding each chapter.
  • New free online student self-study materials.
  • In-text cross-referencing to relevant content in other chapters.
  • Chapter summaries, discussion questions, and suggested readings.
  • Full teaching support package, including test bank, PowerPoint slides, instructor’s guide, additional case studies, and more.