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Public Inquiries in Canada : Law and Practice, Second Edition

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Public inquiries have an enormous impact on public policy in Canada, serving as fact-finder, investigator of systemic failures, and proposer of reforms in diverse areas of public concern. To accomplish all these varied and important objectives, the public inquiry has of necessity become a creative and flexible process. Assembling many voices and perspectives, Public Inquiries in Canada: Law and Practice, 2nd Edition provides guidance on how best to conduct the public inquiry process from beginning to end.

Practical in tone and providing a thorough overview of all stages of the inquiry process, Public Inquiries in Canada: Law and Practice, 2nd Edition is essential reading for all those involved in a public inquiry: lawyers, commissioners of inquiries (including judges), members of a commission team, witnesses, government staff, and the media. Even members of the public who have not been directly affected by the events leading to a public inquiry will find this book to contain a compelling discussion of what has become a vital tool in Canadian public policy.

New in this edition

  • New discussions and commentary on the Mass Casualty Commission, the Long- Term Care Homes Inquiry, and the Public Order Emergency Commission Inquiry.
  • Novel approaches to participation, the development of trauma informed and restorative principles, creative approaches to the investigative and policy arms of inquiries, and best practices to promote the implementation of recommendations.
  • Creative and new approaches to promote the expeditiousness, efficiency and transparency of public inquiries, and to ensure that inquiries are conducted in accordance with principles of procedural fairness.
  • A new chapter on international public inquiries.

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