ÉditeurWolters Kluwer
Date de parutionAvril 2024
Nombre de pages1510
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Preparing Your Corporate Tax Returns, 44th Edition, 2024

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File your returns with accuracy by staying up-to-date on recent tax changes with the most current tax preparation guide. Critically-acclaimed by tax professionals, Preparing Your Corporate Tax Returns is updated annually and provides the most comprehensive coverage and in-depth analysis of the rules for corporate tax returns available.

Features & Coverage:

Why do tax professionals across Canada come back to Wolters Kluwer year-after-year? It’s simple!

  • We provide the most comprehensive tax resource available anywhere.
  • Commentary on federal and provincial income and capital taxes is exhaustively detailed.
  • Descriptions of forms and analysis of necessary information are organized by topic.
  • Preparing Your Corporate Tax Returns will give you the professional expertise, confidence, and time-saving efficiency you need to deliver your best returns.

What’s New in the 2024 Edition:

  • Commentary reflecting legislative amendments, including Bill C-47, Bill C-59, and other draft legislation since the last edition.
  • Excessive interest and financing expenses limitation.
  • Changes to the General Anti-Avoidance Rule (GAAR).
  • Clean Technology Investment Tax Credit.
  • Zero-emission technology manufacturing.
  • Tax on equity repurchases.
  • Numerous technical amendments.
  • Indexed amounts.
  • Changes to forms and policies published by the tax authorities.