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A Practical Guide to Web3, Blockchain, and Smart Contract Law, 3rd Edition

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A Practical Guide to Web3, Blockchain, and Smart Contract Law is an essential handbook for lawyers, accountants, academics, business people, and others operating in the Blockchain space. This third edition of one of the first Blockchain law textbooks in the world effectively shines a light on what people perceive to be a “gray area” in the law by addressing a broad range of topics, including securities, tax, business structuring, proceeds of crime and anti-money laundering, smart contracts, estate issues, and much more.

Each chapter of A Practical Guide to Web3, Blockchain, and Smart Contract Law, 3rd Edition is written by a professional at the forefront of the world’s legal, accounting, and academic Blockchain community. The analysis of this evolving area of law is, thus, approached through an interdisciplinary lens that provides a practical and holistic view of how emerging advances in Web3, Blockchain, and Metaverse law interact within new and existing legal frameworks.

What’s New In This Edition

  • Coverage of recent developments introduced by the 2023 Canadian budget and European regulatory changes
  • Expanded content on evolving topics such as Web3 and Metaverse law
  • Discussion of the recent collapse of several high-profile cryptocurrency exchanges, including FTX Trading Ltd., Celsius Network LLC, and Voyager Digital LLC

Who Should Read This Book

  • Corporate lawyers who advise clients on compliance requirements and setting up best practices for dealing with financial technology laws and the impact it has on other disciplines, such as tax or insurance
  • Technology lawyers who need to understand developing financial technology laws
  • In-house lawyers working with Blockchains who need to advise on legal and regulatory considerations surrounding Fintech topics of due diligence and insurance
  • Accountants who must become familiar with the tax treatment of digital assets
  • Investment advisors who must apprise themselves of a burgeoning new asset class
  • Entrepreneurs and businesses in the technology sector who must be familiar with the shifting commercial and regulatory landscape

Contributing Authors
Adam Vaziri
Alexander Di Giovanni
Alisha Butani
Amber D. Scott
Carol R. Van Cleef
Eric Fader
Jay Tulsani
Justin Wales
Justin Cole
Kunal Parshotam
Matthew Rappard
Natalie Bravo
Paul Horbal
Pulat Yunusov
Raffael Mazze
Stephen Pederson
Toufic Adlouni


Aaron Grinhaus, LL.B., J.D., LL.M., is a business and tax lawyer, writer, Web3 regulatory consultant and founder of Grinhaus Law Firm (grinhauslaw.ca), a full-service, business focused boutique law firm located in Toronto, Canada. Aaron frequently gives presentations on a variety of business, Web3 and law related topics and has acted as chair, presenter and lecturer through a number of educational institutions and organizations. He is Faculty and Co-Director of Osgoode Hall Law School’s prestigious Web3, Blockchain and Metaverse Law Certificate Program and regularly publishes articles related to tax structuring and Web3 Law. In January 2022, Grinhaus Law Firm became the first law firm in Canada (and one of only a few in the world) to establish an office in the Metaverse in Decentraland, and in 2023 he was a founding member of the Metaverse Bar Association (MetBA.io). Aaron holds law degrees from the University of Ottawa (LL.B.), Michigan State University College of Law (J.D.) and a Masters in Tax Law from Osgoode Hall Law School of York University (LL.M.).

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