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Liability Insurance Law in Canada, 7th Edition

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When you’re facing a liability insurance issue, it’s critical to seek expert advice. With this seventh edition of Gordon Hilliker’s Liability Insurance Law in Canada, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Logically organized and concisely written in clear terms by one of the country’s foremost insurance law practitioners, Liability Insurance Law in Canada has been referred to by every trial and appellate court in the nation, including the Supreme Court of Canada. This seminal text, with its solutions-oriented approach, is the most reliable resource available for guidance on Canadian liability insurance law.

Broad coverage

Liability Insurance Law in Canada, 7th Edition follows the same format as earlier editions and covers all aspects of liability insurance (excluding automobile), from general principles of insurance law and insurance contracts to specific clauses and types of policies. Hilliker examines the similarities and differences between the legislative regimes of each province; analyzes the jurisprudence and identifies preferred approaches; presents a select body of U.S. case law that can be used to fill in the gaps in Canadian jurisprudence; and includes a useful set of Insurance Bureau of Canada commercial liability policy forms.

This comprehensive resource features:

  • Cogent analysis: Rather than merely recite case authorities, Hilliker concisely examines and formulates the principles that inform the jurisprudence and, with reference to American case law, comments upon gaps in the Canadian case authorities and provides his invaluable insight as to how the law may be expected to develop.
  • Secondary references: Liability Insurance Law in Canada, 7th Edition includes judicial criticisms and academic debates on certain trends within insurance law, including the “all or nothing” approach to non-disclosure/misrepresentation of risk by an insured.
  • Valuable appendices: This book includes the Insurance Bureau of Canada forms that have widespread use and acceptance across the country.
  • A handy table of cases: Practitioners can use this practical quick-reference tool to look up a case and determine how its principles apply to a particular subject matter or topic.

What’s New in the 7th Edition

  • Approximately sixty new Canadian cases have been incorporated (as well as some US decisions), including a number of appellate decisions from the BCCA, ABCA, SKCA, MBCA, ONCA, QBCA, NBCA, NSCA and SCC
  • New case law covering a diverse range of issues, including the scope of appellate review of decisions on the interpretation of a policy, the duty of defence counsel appointed by an insurer, coverage for additional insureds, and relief against forfeiture
  • The chapter on Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance has been expanded in order to cover recent developments in the law and practice on that topic

Table of Contents

 Chapter 1: The Nature of Liability Insurance

 Chapter 2: The Contract of Insurance

 Chapter 3: Conditions of the Policy

 Chapter 4: Limits of Liability

 Chapter 5: The Duty to Defend

 Chapter 6: Introduction to Commercial Policies

 Chapter 7: The Insuring Agreement

 Chapter 8: Exclusions

 Chapter 9: Endorsements

 Chapter 10: Personal Injury and Advertising Injury Liability Coverage

 Chapter 11: Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance

 Chapter 12: Environmental Liability Insurance

 Chapter 13: Professional Liability Insurance

 Chapter 14: Personal Liability Insurance

 Chapter 15: Insurance Coverage for Sexual Torts


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