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Understanding Canada – The House of Commons of Canada

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As residents of Ottawa walk in front of Parliament Hill to admire the architecture, or as other Canadians see the Parliament buildings from afar on their nightly newscasts, they are surely tempted to pose searching questions. What really goes on there? Who writes the laws and how? What role does politics play in contributing to the good governance of the country? How is the House of Commons the focus of Canadian democracy?

In The House of Commons of Canada, author Rob Walsh provides the necessary answers to such inquiries. He comprehensively sets out the fundamentals of the origins, the evolution, and especially the current functioning of the institution that is the central pillar of government and politics in Canada. What results is a complete and thorough portrait of the House of Commons, its mechanisms, and its internal workings.


Rob Walsh, BA (SFU), LLB (UBC), LLM (Ottawa) grew up and was educated in Vancouver, practised law there and in the Okanagan. He then took up graduate legal studies in Ottawa on the drafting of legislation before working as a legislative counsel with the Government of Manitoba in Winnipeg. He joined the legal staff at the House of Commons in 1991 and served as the House’s law clerk and parliamentary counsel from 1999 until he retired in 2012. He lives in Ottawa.