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Government Procurement, 5th Edition

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Government procurement is designed to open a level playing field for suppliers competing for government contracts. As the deals keep getting bigger and the stakes keep getting higher, public institutions need to get the job done right. Failing to do so can lead to lengthy litigation, unfavourable audits and detrimental media coverage.

Government Procurement, 5th Edition covers more than four decades of legal developments involving the government procurement process in Canada. Consolidating hundreds of case summaries, this work provides an accessible reference point for procurement professionals to help navigate the day-to-day complexities of the tendering cycle. It also offers legal strategies for proactively building winning conditions for institutional governance.

In his leading source on government procurement cited across industry, the legal profession and the courts, author Paul Emanuelli strips away the complexities of procurement issues for public institutions and their private sector suppliers. Government Procurement, 5th Edition follows these main topics:

  • The impact of trade treaties and public policies on government procurement practices
  • The written rules that apply to government procurement
  • The unwritten implied rules that apply to government procurement
  • The risks and remedies that apply when government procurement rules are breached
  • The practical considerations that can help improve outcomes at the institutional and project level

What’s New In This Edition

  • The most critical trends affecting the law of public procurement with more than 100 new case studies
  • Discussion of internationally recognized procurement formats within the context of Canadian procurement law
  • New case law developments from common law jurisdictions across Canada and the Canadian International Trade Tribunal since the previous edition published 7 years ago
  • New and consolidated content on practical and future considerations relating to government procurement

Who Should Read This Book

  • Public sector lawyers who are seeking a practical, accessible guide on the legal rules that apply to the competitive bidding process in Canada
  • Public sector purchasing professionals who need to keep pace with emerging due diligence standards for the tendering cycle
  • In-house counsel for private sector suppliers of Canadian public sector contracts who need to understand the current public sector procurement landscape when bidding on public projects
  • Private sector purchasing professionals who are looking at the highly evolved public sector procurement model to help organize their own purchasing activities


Paul Emanuelli has been recognized by Who’s Who Legal as one of the top 10 procurement lawyers in the world and by the Canadian courts as both a leading authority in public procurement law and an expert in public procurement industry practices. He is the General Counsel of the Procurement Law Office, which for over a decade has been ranked by Global Law Experts and Corporate INTL as Canada’s top public procurement law firm. Paul has over 25 years’ experience practising public procurement law with a national practice that spans 12 provinces and territories and a portfolio that focuses on implementing institutional governance practices, advising on major projects, developing innovative procurement formats, and negotiating commercial transactions.