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Date de parutionMars 2024
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Decoding Canadian Legal Research, Writing, and Conventions

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Decoding Canadian Legal Research, Writing, and Conventions: A Guide for Internationally Trained Lawyers, 1st Edition is an essential resource for internationally trained lawyers seeking to work in Canada. It bridges common gaps in legal research and writing knowledge arising from foreign legal education and legal systems. It provides readers with the necessary cultural context as well as the foundation and skills to write effectively for the Canadian market.

Part 1 of the text introduces readers to the Canadian legal market, with a focus on the National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) and the NCA system and licensing processes.

Part 2 then explores legal research and writing, highlighting skills such as writing a memorandum of law, answering problem-based law exam questions, and writing skills unique to legal workplaces in Canada.

Finally, Part 3 provides in-depth information on drafting effective cover letters and resumes, interviewing with Canadian employers, and preparing for the articling system.


  • In-depth introduction to Canadian legal research and writing styles and methods.
  • Dedicated chapters on drafting memoranda of law, case briefs, and other vehicles for legal communication.
  • Practical tips on resume creation and job interviewing in Canada.
  • Figures, tables, and learning objectives boxes integrated into the text.