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Criminal Law Series – Volume 16 : Witness Preparation, Presentation, and Assessment

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A critical component of virtually every criminal trial, witness testimony has the power to make or break your theory of the case. Incorporating insights from Crown, defence, and judicial perspectives, Witness Preparation, Presentation, and Assessment offers readers practical guidance on handling the myriad of legal issues that may arise in the preparation, presentation or assessment of witnesses.

This legal playbook is organized into three parts: preparation, presentation, and assessment. Part I covers the vital legal and ethical considerations of preparing various types of witnesses for trial. Part II provides readers with a roadmap to procedural issues that can arise during trial, including refreshing a witness’s memory, putting prior statements to a witness, cross-examining an expert witness, and more. Part III discusses factors related to credibility and offers practical guidance on drafting submissions, as well as reasons for judgement, from a judicial perspective.

Whether a novice to the courtroom or a seasoned practitioner, this practical resource’s succinct and concreate guidance makes it a must-have for all criminal lawyers and judges confronting the complex realities of witness testimony.

This text is volume 16 in Emond’s Criminal Law Series.



  • “Practice Tips” sections that provide readers with decades worth of experience
  • Chapter Summaries offering quick reviews of key takeaways.
  • A foreword by Justice Michelle Fuerst of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice
  • Charts, checklists, and tables that offer a practical overview of witness testimony procedures
  • A chapter on assessing a witness’ credibility with custom content for judges.
  • A chapter on preparing vulnerable and child witnesses for trial.
  • Discussion on the application of the rule in Browne v Dunn
  • A credibility assessment checklist to assist both judges and lawyers when dealing with or making submissions on issues of credibility.
  • A cross-referencing system


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