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Date de parutionAvril 2024
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The Comprehensive Guide to Legal Research, Writing & Analysis, 4th Edition

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The Comprehensive Guide to Legal Research, Writing & Analysis, 4th Edition offers an in-depth, comprehensive, and up-to-date resource to help readers develop the practical competencies required by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada. The text provides coverage on provincial, territorial, and federal research tools and processes. It places a keen emphasis on applying research techniques in both academic and professional settings.

The text is designed to help readers build key skills, such as analyzing issues and facts, researching legal statutes and cases from various levels of court, creating and maintaining research plans, developing legal arguments, and transitioning their legal writing skills from classroom to courtroom. The newest edition also features a brand new chapter dedicated to Indigenous legal research, written by the Indigenous Law Research Unit at the University of Victoria.


  • New chapter dedicated to Indigenous legal research written by Tara Williamson and Jessica Asch of University of Victoria’s Indigenous Law Research Unit.
  • Insights from expert contributors: Chuck Andary, Donna Sikorsky, Emily Nickerson, Jessica Asch, Tara Williamson, Katarina Daniels, Kelly McLaughlin, Kim Clarke, Michèle LeBlanc, Tim Morris, Nadine Hoffman, Natalie Wing, Pam Borden, Gregory Wurzer, Jacob Ericson.
  • Content tied to the newest edition of The Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation (McGill Guide).
  • In-text sample problems to complement student learning.
  • Tables and figures throughout the text.
  • Sample legal documents such as memoranda of law and case briefs.