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Date de parutionSeptembre 2023
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Understanding Canada – Canada’s Parliament : A Primer

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Parliament is at the centre of the Canadian system of democratic government and law-making. This primer traces the roots of Canada’s Parliament in the United Kingdom and shows how it has developed a distinct Canadian personality since Confederation. Canada’s Parliament: A Primer will provide students, citizens, and those in the process of becoming Canadians with a better understanding of how Parliament functions. Steven Chaplin approaches the topic with over fifteen years’ experience as a lawyer to the House of Commons, both advising the House and representing it in the courts. He grounds his study in the historical origins of the Canadian Parliament, and he discusses each of its constitutional components — the Commons, the Senate, and the monarch. The book reaches beyond mere description by showing how, armed with this knowledge, individuals, alone or through political parties, can engage in making Canada’s democratic institutions work well for the people of Canada.


Steven Chaplin is a Fellow at the uOttawa Public Law Centre, and teaches Public Law, Constitutional Law, and the Law of Parliament at the Faculty of Law (Common Law), University of Ottawa. Formerly Senior Legal Counsel at the House of Commons, he is a Deputy Executive Editor of the Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law and has published numerous articles, book reviews, and book chapters, and maintains a blog at on the Law of Parliament.