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Business Corporations in Canada – Legal and Practical Aspects

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Authored by Paul Martel, one of Canada’s leading corporate law experts, Business Corporations in Canada – Legal and Practical Aspects offers a comprehensive yet pragmatic analysis of the legal principles involved in all aspects of corporate law, as well as the judicial interpretation and application of these principles.

Adapted from Martel’s seminal work, La compagnie au Quebec: Les aspects juridiques, and expanded to cover the common law, this groundbreaking new publication offers a gold mine of valuable corporate case law emanating from Quebec courts, hitherto poorly publicized outside of that province.

With its thorough references to Ontario’s corporate statutes, including the Business Corporations Act, the Business Names Act, the Corporations Information Act, and the Extra-Provincial Corporations Act, this unique publication not only imparts an excellent understanding of Quebec corporate law, but it also provides in-depth information on business corporations in other Canadian jurisdictions, in addition to a comparative view of U.S. principles.


Paul Martel is a Special Adviser in the Business Group at Blakes. His practice focuses primarily on corporate and commercial law, particularly in the field of companies, not-for-profit corporations, partnerships and commercial contracts. He is renowned for his ability to formulate pragmatic and innovative solutions to the most complex legal problems in corporate law.Paul was a law professor for over 25 years and author of several authoritative legal texts on corporate law, such as a doctrine text on company law for students in professional training. He has also written texts on corporate law in most of the major law journals, including the Revue du Barreau du Québec. His influence as a company law expert, professor, lecturer and author has made him a regular consultant with government authorities undertaking major legislative reforms such as the Civil Code of Quebec, the Quebec Companies Act and the Canadian Business Corporations Act.Paul Martel is a consultant-expert retained by the Quebec Minister of Finance for the design and writing of the new Business Corporations Act and by the Agence du Revenu du Quebec for the updating of the enterprise register of Quebec.