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Bennett’s A to Z Guide to Small Business Bankruptcy and Insolvency, 2nd Edition

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Bennett’s A to Z Guide to Small Business Bankruptcy and Insolvency, 2nd Edition is a practical guide for lawyers, accountants, trustees, and lenders regarding the complete bankruptcy process. Written by bankruptcy and insolvency expert Frank Bennett, the second edition includes up-to-date key legislative changes since the first edition published over 20 years ago.

In one handy and indispensable bankruptcy primer, readers of this new edition will find straightforward information on:

  • The major steps in the bankruptcy and proposal routes, including flowcharts, and providing an overview of the different stages
  • The duties of a bankrupt and the roles of the trustee, registrar and creditors
  • The distribution of a bankrupt’s property and exempt property
  • The property that a bankrupt is allowed to keep
  • The debts that survive bankruptcy
  • The disadvantages of bankruptcy and how to help your client avoid it
  • Common questions clients ask, such as:
    • Who Prepares the Debtor’s Income Tax Returns?
    • Is Notice of the Debtor’s Bankruptcy in the Newspaper?
    • Can Creditors Continue to Call on the Debtor for Payment After Bankruptcy?
    • Will the Debtor’s Employer Find Out About the Bankruptcy?
    • Is the Debtor’s Credit Rating Affected?
    • What Happens to the Debtor’s Bank Accounts?
    • Where Can the Debtor Acquire Better Budgeting Skills?
    • Can the Debtor Get a Loan After Bankruptcy?
    • Are the Assets of the Debtor’s Spouse Affected?
    • Where Does the Debtor Find a Bankruptcy Lawyer? A Trustee?
    • Does the Debtor Have any Director’s Liabilities?
    • Can the Debtor Keep the Car After Bankruptcy?

Features of This Book
Bennett’s A to Z Guide to Small Business Bankruptcy and Insolvency, 2nd Edition features a complete set of precedents plus a helpful glossary of terms, covering everything from “Application for a Bankruptcy Order” to “Writ of Seizure and Sale”. It also includes more than 30 forms designed to guide practitioners through the bankruptcy process, such as:

  • Statement of Affairs – Business and Non-Business
  • Resolution of Directors
  • Bankruptcy Order
  • Third Party Guarantee
  • Notice to Creditors of First Meeting
  • Proof of Claim
  • Notice of Impending Automatic Discharge of First-Time Bankrupt
  • Affidavit of Earnings
  • Notice to Creditors of Consumer Proposal
  • Plus many more

Who Should Read This Book
Written from a practitioner’s point of view, this new edition is perfect for:

  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency Lawyers
  • Corporate and Commercial Lawyers
  • Lenders including banks, trust companies, syndicated lending associations
  • Trustees, Receivers, Monitors, Accountants, Debtors, Directors and Officers
  • Credit Counsellors
  • Corporate Secretaries, and In-House Corporate Counsel
  • Government agencies
  • Small business owners
  • Professionals and self-employed


Frank Bennett, LL. D. (h.c.), L.S.M., LL.M., LL.B., B.A., specializes in bankruptcy, receivership and insolvency law and is the founder of the Toronto boutique firm Bennett & Company, Bennett Bankruptcy Law. He is the former Head of Section for the Ontario Bar Admission Course on Creditors’ and Debtors’ Rights, past Chair and Honoree of both the provincial and national Bankruptcy and Insolvency sections of the CBA, holder of the Distinguished Service Award from the Ontario Bar Association, a former member of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Advisory Committee to Industry Canada, and a lecturer. He writes frequently on the subjects of creditors’ and debtors’ rights and remedies, receivership and bankruptcy, and is the author of several books including the annual publication Bennett on Bankruptcy, 25th Edition, 2023; Bennett on Commercial Leases in Ontario, 2nd Edition, 2023; Bennett’s A to Z Professional Guide for Small Businesses, 2nd Edition, 2023; Bennett on Bankruptcy Precedents, 3rd Edition, 2018; Bennett on the Commercial List, 2nd Edition, 2015; and Bennett on the PPSA (Ontario), 3rd Edition, 2006; all published by LexisNexis Canada Inc.