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Artificial Intelligence and the Law : A Comprehensive Guide for the Legal Profession, Academia and Society

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In shifting technological and regulatory quicksands, this book offers a toolkit for harnessing AI in the practice of law and for optimizing AI by society as a whole. This is the first comprehensive study of how AI will dramatically affect the law, both as a profession and a regulatory domain, as well as society at large. The urgency for this guide stems from the gap between the transformative forces of AI, on the one hand, and the lagging grasp by key stakeholders of the capabilities, limitations and effects of AI, on the other.

To fill this knowledge gap, the book will equip all stakeholders in the AI discourse, including lawyers, academia, government, civil society and business, with specific tools to withstand the incoming AI wave. To practicing lawyers in most areas of the law, the book will serve as a practice manual of current and foreseeable technical capabilities of AI. For academia, there are specific recommendations that law schools and related academic settings may consider in adapting their role to the exigencies of an AI-powered future. To government and public policymakers, the book presents examples and options for AI governance that policymakers can use in their legislative and outreach efforts. To civil society, it proposes a framework for understanding AI’s ethical, legal, political and socio-economic implications. To business, the book offers a risk assessment matrix for the operationalization of AI.

The book invites everyone – the lawyer, the law academic and student, the citizen, the policymaker, and the businessperson – on a literary voyage into demystifying the AI phenomenon by shedding practical light on its workings and impacts and by offering preparedness for the future.

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