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The 2024 Annotated Employment Insurance Act

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This quick reference tool includes fully annotated consolidations of the updated Employment Insurance Act, the Employment Insurance Regulations, the Social Security Tribunal Regulations, and relevant sections of the Department of Employment and Social Development Act.

The text includes an annotation of the Employment Insurance Act and its corresponding Regulations. Each provision is followed, where possible, by a discussion of its legislative history, a brief explanation and an analysis based on relevant jurisprudence. Case law from all the courts of Canada (federal and provincial) which has come to the author’s attention has been included in the text.

Key Features

  • Full text of the Employment Insurance Act, as amended.
  • Section-by-section annotations, including updated case-law, commentary, and related provisions.
  • All relevant legislation and regulations enacted to establish new benefits in response to COVID-19, as amended as the COVID-19 pandemic has evolved.
  • Legislation related to the Social Security Tribunal with annotations.
  • The Tax Court of Canada’s Rules of Procedure Respecting the Employment Insurance Act.

Currency of Information


  • Canada Gazette Vol. 157:23, dated November 8, 2023.

Federal Court of Appeal:

  • All relevant Federal Court of Appeal decisions updated to September 2023.
  • Social Security Tribunal decisions current to September 2023.


Stephen Lavender has been practicing labour, employment, and human rights law as a litigator for almost 30 years. He has represented both unions and employers at arbitration, the Human Rights Tribunal, the Ontario Labour Relations Board, and the Ontario Courts at all levels. He is currently employed in the public service sector with an agency of the City of Toronto.

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